Facebook Fundraiser Post for DISH


This copy was posted to homeless outreach nonprofit DISH’s Facebook profile as part of their fundraising initiative in March, 2013.


This Wednesday, DISH is breaking up the concrete and inviting our tenants and neighbors to help us plant shade trees and sustainable, ecologically green planter boxes at our Mission Street residence.

The natural green materials will facilitate drainage and encourage our residents’ community pride and sense of belonging. Wednesday’s Planting Installation Day is part of a 5 year green spaces project to improve the look and sense of community at DISH’s 6 residences — although it is currently running underfunded.

You can help by [donating today]!

According to a recent tenant survey, tenants expressed an interest in gardening, but the current building footprints do not permit any green space. Tenants also expressed desire for community involvement.

[photo: align-left: engaging, smiling, colorful photo of a resident that somehow suggests nature, flowers, growing things] DISH’s residents are single adults who have formerly been homeless; for many residents, feeling a sense of permanence and connection to a single dwelling is an unfamiliar and often scary experience. On Wednesday, March 20th, DISH will hold a Planting Day at its Mission Street residence. Residents — who come to the project with enthusiasm and various levels of gardening skills — will learn how to maintain the green space.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: The DISH Supportive Housing Sidewalk Landscaping project IS happening, but we need your support! If we can’t raise $75,000, we cannot continue to improve the lives and spaces of our residences. You can help by donating [here].

Thank you for supporting DISH.